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Posture and Sponsoring more reps in your Online Business Part 5

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Homebased Business – Become an attractive person


Home Business

Home Business

Hello There David Ingham Here from Work from Home Career (-:

You are awesome for following my blog I have some more great training for you.

Thanks to Mike Dillard and Black Belt Recruiting enjoy.


Are you struggling to sponsor people,

in you Online home based business?


I have a SOLUTION for you!


Key Point: What kind of Prospects are you looking for?

In your Home Business?


You are looking for the correct person to partner with you.

In your Home based business.


You are looking for sharp prospects that are highly successful and doing well in their own business.

Make you prospects feel comfortable.

When you are talking to them.


You might come across a prospect that is very analytical.

And ask many questions.

You need to match that style,

and give them a chance to make a decision and see if this business is a right match for them.


What do you do with fence sitters who cannot make a decision?

You can say “Tom you have reviewed all the videos and seen all the material. And you can see that this business is a good match for you”.


You need to make a decision.

Or I will make one for you, and you night not like it, as I will say that maybe this business not right for you”.


Get your prospects to Make a Decision to join you Home Business


home businessThis is a good way to get people off the fence.

And get them to make a decision, or let them go.

Sharp prospects will understand this and will respect you.


You might get a good quality prospect that might be sceptical.

You can say “Tom it’s not a bad thing to be sceptical as you need to do your research”.


As I am not here to convince you to do this business.

You need to come to your own decision.

That this is a right fit for you.

And you want to do it, and are ready to give it your best shot.


If you have a closed minded prospect that is very sceptical and says it is a scam and a pyramid.

Them let them go, do not waste your time move onto the next call.


When you are new in your home business do not sit on people and waste your time with the wrong people.

Interview them and qualify them first.


The power of having an International business


home businessMake contacts with international prospects.

Pick up the phone chat to them, it is very powerful when you talk to someone and make that connection.

Many people are lazy,

when it comes to talking to people on the phone.

Here you will have a huge advantage so do it now!


Sponsoring in different countries is also very powerful as you can leverage the time zones and make money in your sleep.


When you are speaking to someone on the phone.

And you have qualified them as a prospect.

Send them a guided presentation that is easy to follow step by step.


Plus there can be a huge opportunity

When your company expands to international countries.

And can get leads by creating a lead pages

And setting up a simple Google add words account.

With a simple lead capture page and linked to an auto responder.

That can drip feed valuable information.

To your prospects


This is a great way to leverage. The internet and get leads online.


This will build your international business.


Where to find serious prospects for my Home Business?


home businessYou want to go after people who are motivated.

Business minded, and who want to change their lifestyles.


Ask questions to prospects.

That have their own businesses,

you can ask them a simple question like”DO you keep your options open?”


You can say: “I have an online business that is an international company and is expanding and is always looking for talented sharp people”.


As successful people are always open.

And on the lookout for multiple streams of income.

Speak to them, build relationships as you never know who you might meet.

And is ready to join you with many business connections and ready to go!


You can also build relationships with other Network Marketers


home businessBy adding value to them.

And what is working for you.

Do not get in a conversation about who’s company is better.


The timing might not be right now for them.

But it may be right in a couple of months time to join you.

“Image courtesy of [stockimages] /“.

Keep an eye out when you are out and about.

An example been in a restaurant.

See if the waiter/waitress is a good prospect.

Build relationships look for sharp people,

talk to them.


You can always get there details and call them later.

And share your business with them.

To see if it is right for them.


You are looking for people who are open minded.

Be bold be fearless do not be afraid to approach people.


You can join networking groups.

Face to face meetings are always best.


BNI groups can be good to meet new prospects.

Just do a Goggle search in your area.

And see if you have any groups near you.


You can advertise off line and online but just be careful not to over spend on your marketing budget.


Set a daily activity standard in your Home Business

Here can be an example,

you can place adds on Google add words.

Purchase leads, call prospects and sent your prospects to a guided presentation that explains the business step by step.


You can do 5 -10 prospects per day.

And after two weeks,

you will have a flow of new prospects.

Looking at your business,

this can get the momentum going for you .

Just remember people are busy so keep that in mind when you schedule your follow-ups.


To your success and abundance.

home business


David Ingham


“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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