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Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Successful Entrepreneurship

successful entrepreneurship

Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs can give you clues to create success faster.

My name is David Ingham and I am the owner of work from home career.

I believe success leaves clues and this blog post is going to give you.

A great insight into Mindset and success enjoy.


Are you looking to be successful them model other successful people this is the best way.

To fast track your success. Find books on Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Attend seminars get audio books and study.


Here is a powerful story of two farmer’s sons that I am going to share with you.

My mentor and business partner Alby Koster will share the story with you.


There is a very powerful message in the video below on decisions.

That we make in life and how we can change our thinking.

We can either choose a path to abundance and prosperity.

Or we can choose a life of lack, poverty and blame.


The Parable Of The Two Farmers Two Mindsets

Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs and the two farmers sons

WOW that is a very powerful story what path do you want to take?

Are you ready to learn new skills and Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs?


The choice is yours to take the correct path and we can help you get started.

Successful people take risks and will do their research and seek specialized knowledge.

Entrepreneurs are always learning new skills and take responsibility for their success.

My mentor Alby Koster has a great story and definition of Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs.


Definition: Risk is the currency of millionaires

Great piece of advice I got today from someone who is a six figure per month earner.

And I quote: “risk is the currency of millionaires”.

Point being we all need to change our mindset towards being wealthy.

The biggest risk being a change of paradigm.

There is very powerful message in the defination so ponder on that for awhile.


Tips on Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Find a successful mentors to work with.
  • Have a definite purpose and burning desire to succeed.
  • Find your passion and start to move towards their goal.
  • Even if you start slowly you have at least got started V1.0 is Better that V0.0.
  • When you find passion in your goal you will get up early and feel empowered.
  • Create games for your work and create a vision in your mind of where you want to be.
  • Even if in the beginning you are just imagining what you want and how you are going to get it.


To your success and abundance.


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David Ingham

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PS: WOW I hope you got some great value what Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs can help you succeed.

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4 Comments on Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

  1. Hi David,

    I relate to all the tips you mentioned. I can see myself doing what I love. Thanks for the inspiration buddy!

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    • Hi Angelo

      Thanks for your comment Successful Entrepreneurs are positive thinkers and take risks to succeed and do not quit.

      The video that is on this blog post The Parable Of The Two Farmers Two Mindsets a very powerful video on mindset.

      Thanks for your support,


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  2. Your mindset determines your direction and success! You can never have enough advice on being successful! Thank you David.

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    • Hi Malcolm yes mindset is key. A powerful exercise is to visualize what you want to become in the future. Think what you want to become, believe that you can achieve it and think of this everyday, enjoy the good felling.

      Its amazing what will happen, you will start to attract new good things into your life that will be attracted to you as you are think about what you want.


      For your support,


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