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Secret Law of Attraction of Money

Secret Law of Attraction of Money

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Secret Law of Attraction of Money


Secret Law of Attraction of Money


Today I am going to discuss the secret law of attraction of money

and how to wire yourself for abundance.


Law of attraction states that you will get whatever you want if you

pay consistent thoughts to it just like a convex lens converging all the

sunbeams at a single point and makes fire, same goes with your thoughts.


We are what we think because we do what we thought and our action defines our destiny.

Your current financial state is a true reflection of your money vibe in order to improve your financial condition,

we have to work on your money vibe.


There are a few tricks we are going to share with you and we assure you if you

apply these tricks in your daily life you will definitely feel the change.


Try to see the positive aspects of every situation

Secret Law of Attraction of Money


Pay close attention to what’s going on in your mental channel,

Like if your financial condition is not good and you keep saying and thinking

that you can’t do that because you don’t have money.


Its mean you are giving your mind a reason why things are not working as they supposed

to be and right after getting the reason your mind will stop thinking to get out of that

situation and most probably you will be habitual of being ungrateful.

Try to appreciate the small money you have



think what will happen if you don’t even have that money.

Think what you can do with this money instead of thinking what you cannot do.

When we think of gratitude and prosperity we open the door of our life for happiness and contentment.


Secondly, you have to pay keen attention to your judgments

Observe the people have more money than you.

If you appreciate the people who have more money than you and feel happy

to see other thriving in their life, then you are on the right track and If you keep


criticizing and stuffing your mind with hate and jealousy and considering them

a bad person then how is it possible that you allow your subconscious mind to work to be like them.

Celebrate other success and enjoy the happiness of others.


Think and Grow Rich

the secret


May be at this point you are thinking that these all are bookish things have nothing to do with reality,

There are lots of examples of people who go from the depth of darkness

to the peak of shines by following the principles we explain here, one of the renowned personality is “Dale Carnegie”.


Now I am going to tell you what actually happens in the back end when you apply these techniques in your life.

In fact, by following the above principal you pull yourself from the state of being unsatisfied and ungrateful.


It has been psychologically proven that when you are in a stress free state

you can better see opportunities in everyday life which is not possible if you don’t have a peace of mind.

By following the principles of gratitude, positive judgments and keeping

yourself in flow you can transform yourself in such fertile land where any seed can grow.


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David Ingham


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