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My name is David Ingham and thanks for stopping by to read my Blog work from home career  and I have a very interesting topic to talk about and that is the future of the financial situation around the world.

I am sure you will find this information interesting, but also educational. We aim to provide you some common topics each week and also how precious metals have been going over the past week.

Some of the topics we will be providing information on will be:

  • What’s happing in the global economy and what can we do about it
  •  Reasons why precious metals are so important and the Dollar is losing value and confidence among investors
  •  History of economies and the relationship to precious metals the cycle continues. Karatbars offers buying Gold in 1 gram  portions which makes saving in Gold available to all is the solution to create movement of money.
  •  What books book are worth reading


This blog will be easy to read all the content will be limited with relevant links to full articles or my Blog for more details. We encourage you to take the time to learn about what is happening in the world around us and put yourself in a strong position for whatever comes our way.

I believe that if we can prepare ourselves for another financial crisis then we can profit from the situation and help others do the same.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and we need to keep up to date with new trends and investing options so we do not get left behind. Social media takes a big part in our lives as information can be share at the speed of light.

The solution is Karatbars International

The solution is that Gold is on the way up and Karatbars International is your solution to exchanging your money into a Gold savings plan. You will be able to find our more information on my Blog about Karatbars International.


To your success and financial freedom is all about investing in what is going to give a good return in value and Gold is looking to go up in the near future and Karatbars International has a solution for you.


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The US economy and the World…

Well Thursday 17 October marked the return of the US government to work after being ‘closed’ since 1 October. There was a total shut down on all services does this give investor confidence in the dollar I do not believe so many investors are looking at more secure investments. Plus the dollar has been even more devalued due to all the stimulus packages given to the banks to bail out the banking crises in 2009-2011 so now is a good time to reflect on what has really happened over the past 10 years with the US economy.

For those of us living outside the US we need to remember this, the world operates on the US dollar standard so if the US economy ‘sneezes’ the rest of the world ‘catches a cold’. Look at Europe as well the economy is also struggling to get back on its feet due to the banking crises of 2009-2011 Don’t think this doesn’t matter and this was a knock on effect from the USA.

Check out these 40 stats to learn more about how the US economy impacts on you and why we are doing what we do.

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protection through gold






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