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Sponsoring more reps in your Online Business Part 1

Posture and Sponsoring more reps in your Online Business

Online Business

David Ingham Posture

Hello David Ingham here from work from home career I have been listening to Mike Dillard’s Black with Mark Wieser and the teaching is a complete paradigm shift for me and the way I will approach prospecting in the future.

Sponsor More in your Online Business

Here are some great tips that I have been learning and this will help you to sponsor more people in your Online Business:

  1. It’s all Mindset when you are talking to prospects you need to have in your mind when talking to prospect that you are doing them a favour. As you have a very powerful business that can change their lives.
  2. You are looking for people who want to learn new skills and learn how to make money from home.
  3. You are interviewing someone you are in control of the conversation. You got what they need, you must have this in your mind set as this takes the pressure of you. As they need you not you needing them this is a very powerful mindset to have.
  4. Sit up have posture be a leader have a positive tone in your voice.
  5. An Online Business is the vehicle to your desires and dreams and I can help you get there.
  6. People are looking for leaders to join who know how to coach there people and guide them to where they want to go.

Posture is a must in an Online Business

Posture is an expression of leadership qualities. When you are talking to prospects on the phone you are not trying to get them interested in your Online Business you are interviewing them to see if they qualify. It’s your way or the highway, ask questions: Why are they looking for an Online Business? What has changed? What has made them open to make money from home? Dig a little deeper really listen to the prospect you can ask them “Are you really serious about starting an Online Business from home?

Just remember time is money so qualify someone quickly, you are looking for winners not whiners. You are a busy person and people need to see that in your psychology and in there sub conscious that you are a successful person and you do not need them they need you. Also you must have the wiliness to let people go if they are not up to your standard and that is also a very powerful mindset to adapt you are doing the rejection.

When someone answers the phone and they are positive and friendly that is a good start do not waste your time with people who are not interested. As you have something awesome to offer them and this mindset gives you the power and the fear of rejection is lost.

Handling difficult prospects in your Online Business

Online Business

Say you call a prospect and they are been difficult and they say “what is this all about tell me now I do not have time”.

Here is a top response: “You know David, what this is about.. This is about me interviewing you David to see if your dreams qualify for my time”. BOOOMMM!!!

This is very powerful as you are in charge and this is your leadership and direct approach. Just remember you are calling them for an interview and to see if they qualify for you to invest your time with them.

WOW that was fun watch out for Part2 on Posture and Sponsoring more reps in your Online Business.

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To your success and abundance.


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