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Hello there my name is David Ingham and I did a great Google Hangout

on best practices how to start a home based business

with my business partner Malcolm Watson.


Work from Home Career

Work Online from Home

Ok lets recap what I spoke about in my hangout.

I always had the passion to start my own online business  and create massive leverage.

As in a day job you only get paid on your efforts and have no leverage.


That’s why I was looking to find an online business that I could build

and create massive leverage and build a team in multiple counties.


I started Making Money from Home when I was in South Africa and

had my first experience with an MLM company.

I learnt loads about personal development and read Think and Grow Rich for the first time.

Mindset is the most important part about been successful in a homebased business.


I then moved to the UK as there where loads of IT opportunities at that time in the Nineties

I started in a computer related role and moved into project management.

But I was always looking to find a company and mentor and start my Homebased business.

I found a company called Agel and worked that with my business partner Malcolm Watson.

We travel to the USA together and learnt loads and started to develop our mindset to win.


We never made much money in that opportunity but the personal development and the relationships

was key for us to learn new skills and to prepare us for our next opportunity.


Working at Home

Starting a Home Based Business


I approached Malcolm with my new opportunity that I have found

and showed he the benefits of our product.

Malcolm was impressed and joined me as a business partner and distributor.


I have helped Malcolm in building his list which is capturing email addresses

and building a data base of potential clients.

Every business should be building up their client database and especially for Starting a Home Based Business.

Then you start to build that relationship with your list and start to create conversions.

Creating Success and Starting a Home Based Business

Starting a Home Based Business

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Are you looking to create success in your Online Business?

Then here are some tips for you that I got from my mentor.


When you wake up in the morning do not go straight for your smart phone or Laptop.

Take a deep breath and become present in that moment and ask your self what you are grateful for?

Here are some examples:

  • You can be grateful that its another day above ground
  • I am grateful for my homebased business
  • Be grateful for your family and children
  • Be grateful for you friends and friends ships
  • Be grateful for your parents
  • be grateful for you health

I am sure you can find many things that you are grateful for :)

This will help you set the vibrations in your body to attract more of that good feeling of gratitude.

Another great tip my mentor gave me was to start to listen to people that empower you and motivate you.


Here is a list of people that I listen to and I read their book.

Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon, Mike Dilard, Dani Johnson and Tim Sales.

Get some of their books and records this will increase your vibration

and you will start to attract more positive people into your life.


I hope you have found this information useful in starting a home based business.


To your success and abundance,

 creating success


David Ingham

Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd


“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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