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I also met Elmarie Porthouse who is a Author, Online Content Writer, Online Marketing and a guest blogger for Learn How To Blog.  Elmarie has got some great tips on how to get more creative in your writing and gives you ideas to improve your content on your blog. Story telling is good for you blog as there is so much selling going on through blogs and articles that the message gets lost in the noise.

Are you an Explorer


Table Mountain

I am originally from Cape Town a great place to visit if you have not had a chance to go yet you cannot beat the view of Table Mountain on a summer’s day. I have now been living in the UK for 12 years and how time flies. I have an Indian friend who asked me one day that he is going to take a year of work and going travelling and asked me where he should go. Without hesitation I said Cape Town and 7 years later he is married to my best friends sister and has 2 children so you never know where you are going to end up in the world it’s all about exploring.


I speak to my friend often on Skype and when on holiday in Cape Town I ask him when is he going to come back and live in the UK and his answer is never. He says “I cannot cope with London it’s to hectic“. So there you go one simple holiday and your life can total change for the good.

 Work From Home Career and Karatbars International

I am a Project Management consultant  I also run my Blog Work From Home Career. I am passionate about helping people to be better and to succeed in their desired profession we all have skills that people need we just need to find them and use them. I started my Blog to find people who are looking for a change to create relationships and to build an online business from home. If you are looking for an online business where you we get support and be mentored by me and my team them join me.

 Homebusiness with Karatbars

Brazil World Cup Karatbars Cards

I market an affiliate program called Karatbars International who makes One Gram Gold Cards and collector Cards. You can create a savings plan in Gold for free with Karabars and can save Gold on a monthly bases. Gold is a great way to hedge your risks of your investments. The collector cards and gift cards are great presents and can exceed there value over time.

Karatbars International is based in Germany and started trading in 2009 as the CEO Harald Siez wanted to create protection for people by saving in Gold.

Thanks until my next blog post : )

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