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Success in a Home Based Business

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Home based business and Online Success

I had a coaching session with my mentor Louren’s and I wanted to share some of the teachings with you. As this may help you in your Online home based business and create more success for you and your family.

Here are Tips for Home Based business success

  1. Do not spend 11 – 16 hours behind your laptop every day it’s not sustainable and you will get tired and be in a bad mood. Which is not a good state of mind to create success. It’s important to eat well, have some fresh air and get some exercise. This will increase you energy and vitality. Do fun things with your family go out for picnics, go to the beach have fun and laugh is the best medicine for creating success.
  2. Master one traffic strategy, blogging, Face book, YouTube videos or solo adverts.
  3. Build a new skill; find something that you are passionate about. I enjoy blogging and I share tips and trainings with others. That can help them in their home based business. Add value to others and find solutions to their problems. I also buy traffic called solo adverts to help me build my email list. Video is a great way to build trust with your clients.
  4. Start to change your thinking pattern by thinking like successful people, speak to your mentor every week as you will start to change the way you think  and something inside you will change.
  5. Changing your mindset and thinking pattern is key, to get rid of limitations about what you can achieve. Here is a great exercise to create the ideal vision of the new you.
  6. Have a daily routine of personal development listen, read to successful entrepreneurs.
  7. In a home based business we are in the team building industry we ask people to get into business with us. This is more of a personal business and relationship business.
  8. When you are building your list for your home based business they are not just going to buy from you the first time they come to your website. It’s like any relationship that will take time to develop, so they can build trust with you and start to buy.
  9. What is success? Where does success come from? Do a Google search on what is success so you can watch videos and learn from successful people.

Home base business

home based business


  1. There is no perfect system to market online it is a mix of things. It is more personal growth and your personal value to others.
  2. Everything online is about traffic generation, Traffic is important to build your Home based business but building relationships with others is more important.
  3. The internet is full of stuff and it’s easy to get over whelmed. So focus on one project and do not run around in circles trying to do too many things.
  4. When creating your list you will get visitors, and you will get conversions. That come when your potential clients give you their email address in return for an offer or service that they are interested in. You then send follow up emails to your list to build a relationship, be open and ethical.
  5. Prove to your list that you are human, do normal stuff on a daily basis. Provide value, share what you know, learn something new. Search on YouTube and create a training. Create a pdf training, create a training video, create a 5 email series of a training and sent to you list. That can help them solve a problem or give them a benefit.
  6. Provide value so people will watch out for your emails.
  7. Here are some great examples of what you can share with your list. You can create a video on how to create a lead capture page.
  8. This will get you to stand out and people will see you are providing value and helping them solve problems and you are there to support them.
  9. Pick up trainings from others that are successful. Learn skills from YouTube, my mentor said that it’s shockingly easy to create results when you start to add value to other and be a go giver. When you get some AHA moments share that with others. Be human, honest and ethical and provide little trainings that can help others.
  10. You only want people to on your list who what to be. And who are happy to receive your emails.
  11. Most people who opt in to your lead page will go back to watching TV, the excitement is gone. Everyone is stuck because of themselves and there thoughts. The mind is an obstacle that only you can overcome by creating a positive mental attitude.

Key points for your Home based business:

work from home

  1. Be honest and ethical
  2. Be human
  3. Provide value

Get some videos out there that can help others solve their problems add value.

Find a blog post that you get value from and rewrite that blog post in your own words and share.

Top Tip: All conversions come behind the capture page.


I give people the opportunity to grow and understand me by sharing videos and content that can help them.

When you share your stories with others be normal and yourself share your own stories.

I am in the home based business and I am looking to build a team so be happy and make new friends.


Home based business – Living the dream and preaching it

home based business

The world is very sick everyone is in it for themselves me, me, me, me.

So if you change your approach and help others with joy, this will attract others to you.

Pay attention to you mentors training’s so you can start to model there behaviours and thoughts.


It’s the same if you want to be healthy you need to eat good food.

It’s the same to create a success mindset you need to feed your mind with good positive information.

That will help you in changing your limitations and get you break troughs.


Stop blaming your lack of success on others,

success is more than just making money in your home based business,

it’s you that changes, you become a more sincere person,

leaders can make decisions,

most people are stuck in the rat race and their minds become lazy and they cannot make any decisions.


Entrepreneurs find solutions to problems.

network marketing recruiting

You do not need to sponsor the whole world in your home based business.

There is no magical training there is no such thing.

Traffic is important, have different capture pages,

have a balance of lead pages, and give value to your list.


There is so much that someone can teach you,

us humans like to complicate things listen to your leaders.

When you communicate to your list talk to them as if they know nothing,


create training that makes you into a quality individual, take action and you will get results.

Share your experience on the facebook group, share your AHA moments,

stop wanting it’s not all about you, become a servant leader.


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To your success and abundance.

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David Ingham

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