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Success in a homebased business for 2014

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Are you looking to create an internet Income?

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Scott, Lourence and Alby my mentors


Create an Opportunity to Work From Home


Then you have come to the right place where our team Protection through Gold can help you step by step in a homebased business that’s right for you.

My mentors have over 20 years experience in marketing on the internet. Get up to date tips from my mentors below and on my Blog Work from Home Career:


The 25 Habits of Successful People creating an Internet Income!!!


Homebased Business

Tammy morrison

1          Successful people do not have the fear of failure! They learn from their mistakes and keep learning  from their mentor’s until they achieve success.

2          Successful people take full responsibility for the results they achieve and help others.

3          Successful people are cooperative and friendly.

4          Successful people encourage others.

5          Successful people don’t get too technical.

6          Successful people have a plan of action.

7          Successful people always have written goals to create an internet income.

8          Successful people have regularly scheduled opportunity meetings.

9          Successful people learn every aspect of their business.

10        Successful people take time to read all they can.

11        Successful people make substantial room in their lives for their business.

12        Successful people don’t procrastinate.

13        Successful people always follow-up.

14        Successful people never prejudge a prospect.

15        Successful people don’t wait for others to start before they do.

16        Successful people are able to take criticism.

17        Successful people don’t dwell on their problems but learn from them.

18        Successful people are not selfish and are happy when others do well.

19        Successful people understand delayed gratification.

20        Successful people don’t have a fear of failure.

21        Successful people have an abundance of patience.

22        Successful people believe in themselves and the others around them.

23        Successful people keep in touch with their organizations.

24        Successful people have no room for discouragement

25        Successful people follow the 12 week plan…

26        Successful people join our team Protection Through Gold and create an Internet Income from home :)


Are you ready to learn how to create a list and build a homebased business and create financial freedom for you and your families then come and join us on a journey of a lifetime.


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Homebased Business

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