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Success Mindset – Step into Greatness

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Success Mindset


Hello David here and welcome to my video on creating your success vision and mindset.

Step Into Greatness -Success Mindset

Ask yourself this question: What is your definition of Success?


You can create your own vision of your life. What do you want,

how do you want to live your live?

Create a vision that excites you, get emotion in your vision.


Who do you want to become? Create a new Blue Print of the new you.


Change your limitations as you make your own limitations in your mind.

A thought is powerful as you can make something from nothing and create whatever you want.

Like big buildings, Golf course, Aeroplanes any object was created by imagination first.


Creating your New Blue Print – Success Mindset

Create Success Today


Defining success is a journey, what do you want and how do you want to live?

Create this success picture in your own mind.

We all want to improve things in our lives, go to the gym,

get better relationships, have more financial success.


Your life has to be in balance, Health, relationships, money and


This is important to create the overall success.


Just remember your success mindset blue print is unique to you,

make the vision exciting and put emotion in your vision.


You can be more and do more.

I had to change the limitations in my life.

All limitations have been put on by oneself.


You know what I can make £100,000 this year change your limitations.

As you have made them up in your own mind.


Break those Limiting beliefs – Success Mindset

Success Mindset


It’s like the 4 minute mile, they said that it was physically impossible to run the 4 minute mile.

But when someone did it.

Those the limiting beliefs disappeared and that year many people started to break the 4 minute mile.

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see?


See yourself as an successful entrepreneur, I have no limits, I want to give and help people.

When you look at yourself in the mirror feel good, how you love yourself and how you are getting better.

When you are grateful you have energy flowing back to you.


So what vision do you have? Have emotion attached to it.

Emotion must come into your picture and vision.

You must get excited about your vision and see where you want to go.


When your vision has emotion this will pull you towards that vision.

And you will have endless energy and unlocks something inside you and gives  you balance of energy.

Then you will start to do the proper things and you will be opened to new things that will help you towards your vision.


Have Discipline and Create your Success Mindset

Success Mindset


The discipline of defining your success mindset can change your life and time waits for no one.

When you go through you success mindset,

you need to sit down and define your definition of success where do you want to be in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years.


Write this down by hand and get it on paper revise it, have the document fluid and what your success mindset is.

Then live in that vision, you are the successful entrepreneur,

you have a big circle of influence, if you are not at present that is ok,

just imagine your vision every day step into it.


You design your own blue print of your success.

Always have positive thoughts as your dominate thoughts this will build momentum.

And you will start to get things you want.

And all those limitations will get blown out of the water.


The success mindset you create it and you live it.

We are always learning and helping yourself to grow.

When you live with a success mindset there is no limitations

and end to what you can create for you and your family.


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To your success and abundance,

Karatbars uk


David Ingham

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  1. GREAT video David! So positive you’ve fired me up too! Thank you.

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      If you are looking to save and create an extra income then Karatbars can be what you are looking for :)



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