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Before Karatbars I was, I still am I guess, a …

Comment on The Best Affiliate Marketing business in the World by James Reilly.

Before Karatbars I was, I still am I guess, a Marketer. Been over a decade now online with it all. Affiliate Marketing with Karatbars International has been a good side system that I can work on and promote building up my team.

I believe that if you are interested in being online and finding a good business, then Karatbars International is a really good choice.

Thanks David for your Post


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Starting your own home business tips
Hi David

One of the biggest mistakes lots of people make when working from home is NOT Treating it like a business. They are in their own comfy zone. They get distracted and saunter off for hours on end, they get distractions by other family members.

People need to have a strong mind, good ethics and really need to take it seriously. They also need to condition their family so that when they are working then they do not get disturbed.

That two minute conversation about the funny cat on Facebook takes your focus away and takes around 20 minutes to get back into the flow.

Because they are not as productive as in a Job, they are not earning the sort of money and before you know it they are shutting down and more often than not never try it again.

That in itself is a shame. People who want to do this need to be accountable to themselves, setup time frames and build up to do lists so that they have set targets.

Turning off emails, Facebook, mobile phone, Skype etc all helps in their focus. You could be surprised at the amount that can be done in such a short time with no interference.

Thanks David


Quality Ideas To Help Expand Your Home Business
Hi David,

Great Post. When I help people the first thing I tell them that will make them more money than any website is build their list.

You can lose a website, that’s your business gone. However build your list and you always have an income.

Relationship Marketing with your list, flourish them with good information, good gifts, member only bonuses, special offers, and in return your list will grow to want your emails and see you as the expert, coming to you for advice and to buy from you when you promote.

I do a lot of free support online, purely because I use my affiliate link. If people like they buy from that and i a commission.

Build your list, they will be with you in what ever adventure you get into and can help you profit quicker than starting from scratch.


Smart Tips To Jump start Your Affiliate Marketing!
I LOVE Affiliate Marketing – If it wasn’t for Affiliate Marketing I would have had to get up early and trade my time for money.

There are some really good systems out there now that do instant commission.

JVZoo do instant to paypal
Clickbank do a cheque every two weeks

These two systems alone can help you build up a really good income, then the money you earn you re invest in yourself, your education and in your other programs.

Affiliate Marketing got me started and has kept me online for over a decade now. I love it.

Thanks David for your Post


Get In On The Gold Rush? Read This!
I did a lot of research before I joined Karatbars International. There are a few sites out there that are gold based, well it turned out Virtually Gold Based. Not what I was wanting. I love the fact that I can hold the gold in my hand, its mine, its here in the palms of my hands.

As an asset, i’m spreading the word on the Isle of Wight, Karatbars International really makes it available to everyone who wants it, and who take action.

Thanks David for your post


Investments in Hitchin
I started this year trading. Well etoro really. I get too emotional in the real stuff lol Fear gets the better of me. e.g the wifes gonna kill me thoughts of fear lol.

Thanks for your post David.