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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Karatbars International team in 2014

Internet Income


I just wanted to give you an update on our Karatbars International business.

I have done a Video presentation here

Read a Great Testimonial from one of our Team Members its Heart Warming :)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to

The Greatest Team On The Planet” and a BIG

Welcome to all of the New Members of This Great team…


I am SoOoooo HAPPY this mornig…

Homebusiness Karatbars

Merry Christmas Karatbar Gold Card


I love going to sleep now, because when I wake,

I find that it has rained 100’s of DOLLARS into

my Karatbars Basket…



When I went to sleep last night I only had 160 Euros

in my basket.  But when I woke up I had 960 Euros

in it. That means I went from  $219 to $1318 while

I was sleeping…Residule Income


And COMMITT to PayYourself First!  I don’t care if you

are as Poor as a church mouse, you COMMITT

to pay yourself once a week, once every two weeks,

or once a month with one gram of GOLDAND DO IT


And Give yourself a raise as soon as you can…

..and as often as you can!




I borrowed the Two Grand to get in this business…

I BELIEVED that it would work!


I COMMITTED TO PAY MYSELF FIRST… going into my pocket and paying for the Entire month

of August 3 days after I bought my package…

..and then I went to work…

…and I have never had to go into my pocket again…creating an Internet Income


For NINETEEN weeks I have aquired one gram or more

each of those weeks and at ZERO out of Pocket cost.

Today I have 201 grams in my Gold Piggy Bank at a

market value of $10,900…


With what fell into my basket last night takes my earnings

to $29,800…and creating an Internet Income : )


I’m just one of the small fish in this Great Pond…


And I’m just getting warmed up…


What are you waiting on?

Come Join us On a Journey of a lifetime and create a Residual Income


Just start where you are and be okay with It, and GET BUSY!!!


For the first 8 weeks I aquired one gram per week,

then for the next three weeks I raised it to 8 grams per week,

then after a few weeks of that I raised it to 15 grams per week,

and for the past two weeks I have been aquiring 32 grams per week.


So start paying yourself first, consistently!


We all start a Ground ZERO and we can grow as big as we

Believe we can, as long as we do the work…


I tell you my story so you can see yourself in some part of it

and KNOW that you can do it!


If I can do it witjh my challenges, most certainly you can do it too!


Karatbars is the the MOST POWERFUL COMPANY

I have had the pleasure to be a part of, in all my 40 Plus

years of trying to make money from home…and create an “Internet Income”


Know IT!!!

Believe IT!

And Live IT!






On LIne Work Dream

On LIne Work Dream


And one other thing, you are apart of the GREATEST TEAM IN Karatbars!


To show how powerful your team is, I had won $450 of Gold in the last incentive

and had not received it, and I expressed my concern to Cherylanne and this morning,

this is what I received.


Hello L Basheer,


Hello Cherylanne


First of all on behalf of the entire Karatbars family, i would like to apologize for the incentive delay

I checked today the Account from L Basheer(theservants ) and saw that there was no Gold booked for the Incentive.

So I did it, L Basheer  I booked you already  for the 450 US$ ->7,004 Grams of Gold in your Backoffice.


That’s the kind of team and Company you are a part of, the VERY BEST!


Know it!

Believe it!

And live It!


Day 105, DONE!!!!

Internet Income

Karatbars protect your future











PS: Come and Join Us on a journey of a Lifetime

Karatbars uk











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