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The Law of Attraction and creating success

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The Law of Attraction and creating success

The Law of Attraction – Think about what you want

The Law of attraction works if you think it does or does not its a law.

Just like gravity.


The Law of Attraction is a powerful force and it works with the thoughts

you have. So make sure you are thinking about want you want.


“You are what you think about most of the time”. – Earl Nightingale


My name is David and I am the owner of my blog work from home career.

I believe we all can create success in our lives nothing is impossible.


When I say good night to my son every night I tell him these 3 sentences:


  1. I believe in you
  2. You have got what it takes
  3. Nothing is Impossible
  4. You are awesome


Imagine what that can do for a young persons self esteem and confidence.

Lifting up your children or even grown ups can be very powerful and can change

someone’s life and put them back on track.


Do an act of kindness

When was the last time you did a random act of kindness, buy someone a coffee,

give someone a bunch of flowers, give someone a hug, take someone out for a meal

make it spontaneous not planed.

This will make you feel great try it today.


Have gratitude and be grateful

Be grateful for what you have say thanks for the air you breath the wind on your face.

Life is short make the most of your time here on earth give generously, love and be at peace with all.


Say it onto your heart – Peace be still – James Allen


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  1. Great job guys on the hangout – I like your good night sentences to your son, very empowering.

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  2. You can never have enough Gratitude, well said David!

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