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The Law of attraction – As a man Thinketh

the power of the secret

The Law of Attraction is a fantastic subject

The Law of attraction – As a man Thinketh

The Law of Attraction works

It works all the time around you.

I remember the days when I proved how the Law of Attraction works.

I did this many times and I did not even know I was using the power of attraction.


The Law worked for me by keeping the thought

of what I wanted on my mind most of the time.

You can test this principle for yourself just imagine

what you want and make that your dominate thought of each day.


Thoughts are powerful things energy

law of attraction


Write down what you want and read what you what,

feel it as if you already possess it.


Get all your senses involved, sight, touch, smell, felling, and sound.

Amplify these, make the picture bright and fell good inside about what you want.


This will increase the intensity of the feeling of what you want

and make the law of attraction work faster in your favour.


Dominate thoughts in your mind

As you keep these dominate thoughts in your mind

on a daily basis, you will attract what you think about most of the time.

It’s the law of attraction and it must be it’s a law just like gravity.


You can use the Law of Attraction to attract anything you wish

or desire in your life.


Visualise what you want – Law of Attraction

As a man thinketh James Allen


How do you think buildings, boats, ships, aeroplanes, cars were built.

They were first an idea, a thought in some one’s mind.

And by the law of attraction it came into physical form.


I can remember having a vision of a holiday

and I needed a certain amount of money to make this holiday a reality.


 I had a vision in my mind about my holiday

the power of the secret

I could feel the hot sun on my face, I had a cold beer in my hands

and I was at the beach.

I could hear the waves in the sea.

This vision got more and more powerful which attracted me

to save more money and make my vision a reality.


Finding your Dream Job

This also worked for my dream job.

I was not earning enough money in one of my jobs.

So I started to visualize me working in a new company earning more money.


I started to contact agencies and went for interviews.

To find a better position that paid more money.

This was my main purpose, my obsession and through the law of attraction

I found a new dream job that paid me more money.


The Law of attraction – As a man Thinketh (2)


Now it’s your chance to think what you want.

Write it down.


Make it your dominated thought and enjoy the felling

you have when thinking about what you want.


I would love to hear how you have used the Law of Attraction in your life.


Please share your stories and share this blog post if you think it can help someone else.


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The Law of attraction – As a man Thinketh




David Ingham


PS: Here is a great Google Hangout of the Law of Attraction enjoy




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