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The secret law of attraction

the secret law of attraction

Law of Attraction Tips



My team mate and business partner Pat Hamer is part of my Karatbars team and

Pat uses the secret law of attraction to attract his dream car, a Jaguar.

Plus Pat is attracting people to the Karatbars opportunity like a magnet.


Power of Attraction


Law of attraction tip for you: “You get what you think of most of the time ”.


Watch Pat Hamers Video here – Millionaire Mindset


The secret law of attraction


So beware of your thoughts as bad thoughts produce bad fruits

and good thoughts produce good fruits. – As a Man Thinketh


You can use the laws of attraction to attract anything into your life.

Have an obsession for the object you want to manifest.

Have good thoughts when you think of this desire or object.


As happy, excited thoughts bring more like thoughts which is the secret law of attraction

and helps you to attract the object or desire into your life.


Power of Attraction thanks to Kevin Trudeau



Have dreams that you can believe in.

How strong is your desire for your goals?

And your belief that your will achieve them.


Write down a list from 10 down to 1 where 10

is your goals that has the highest belief of attaining them.


The goal that will come the fastest is the one where you have the highest belief

This goal is in the sweat spot.

One that you really really want, choice that one.


Success builds confidence, the building of the secret law of attraction,

first we need to get some successes

that gets you really excited.


Feel good NOW! Is an important concept to get you going.

Even if it’s difficult to start with. Go for a walk, run,

listen to music do something to feel good.


Law of Attraction Money



Create a goal that makes you feel so good and you believe you can get it.


Unconscious competence the how becomes irrelevant

You absolutely believe you can get it.


Find something that makes you really excited have a burning desire for its achievement.


When you do something for the first time and you start to see the magic happening.

When this stuff starts to work your belief level starts to go up.

Define your dream and believe.


The Laws of Attraction



Ask and you shall receive, asking and putting out in the universe what you want.

Having a high power, high intensity and frequency of belief for what you are asking for.

This is key at getting what you want and the secret law of attraction.


You can have goals that defined Very specific, or General, or a great feeling.


You need to have a burning desire.

Define what you want, get yourself a note book,

write down things that you want.


Write down things you want to do.


Then all you do is focus on what you want and believe you can achieve it.


The laws of attraction examples



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