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Time is ticking bye what are your dreams?

go for your dreams

Time is ticking – Create your own success

Success is a word that is used all the time.

How can I find success is the question I get asked most.

Zig Ziglar Said it Best


The best answer was from Zig Ziglar:

“You can get all you want by helping others get what they want”.

There you go you have the answer to success, find a way to serve the many

and you will be rewarded with all you wanted in life.


Find ways to bless others and success will follow.


Time is ticking bye what are your dreams?

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I am out this morning in our town center in Stevenage UK.

Everyone seems so busy as its month end today :)

I am just waiting for the queue to drop a bit.

I am in a coffee shop before I buy my coffee.




When was the last time you reflected on what you do with your time on a daily basis?

Are you doing what you want?

Are you happy in what you are doing?

Have you achieved all your goals and dreams?


Take some time get a coffee and write down what you would like to achieve in the next year.

What excites you? What do you enjoy doing?

Life is short and time is ticking bye…..


Make some decisions to go for your dreams.

Nothing is impossible it’s all in your mind.


Go for your Dreams

Go for your dreams


Find some groups to join where people empower you to go for your dreams.

This can give you the encouragement needed to get  started.

Just have fun and enjoy thinking and visualizing your new dreams.


And how good this will feel when you achieve them.

I would love to hear your story of what you want to achieve in your life.


Life is a beautiful adventure enjoy the journey smile often and be grateful

that you are alive and breathing.

You can achieve anything, there are no limits except the ones will put on ourselves.


Have gratitude and love in your heart

and you will attract that into your life.


Love and Gratitude



I believe in you,


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David Ingham

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3 Comments on Time is ticking bye what are your dreams?

  1. inspiring post buddy, great for the weekend motivation.

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    • Angelo thanks for your comment, yes we all need encouragement young and old :)

      And thanks for your support as you are also encouraging me to write more and help others to create success.

      As Zig Ziglar said: “We can have all we want if we help enough people get what they want”.

      You will reap what you sow.

      Help others have gratitude and you will attract good things into your life.



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  2. So True David! Just do it!

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