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Tips for your Network Marketing Blog Module 2

Tips for Network Marketing Blog

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I am now in module two of Blogging Mastery for Network Marketers by Ray Higdon. Wow this material is awesome you can get his course here. I have now fixed my main 6 design flaws that most blogs have.

Here are the Six major design floors that most blogs have

  1. Missing photo in the banner
  2. Not been congruent on your topic switching from one subject to the next
  3. Not using photos in your blog posts
  4. Creating content that is not of value to you target audience
  5. No PS:  Line at the end of you blog a call to action
  6. No Signature at the end of your blog so your prospects can reach you

If you are not getting results then be open to learn new skills so you can get more leads from blogging. You might have these questions on your mind.

Target Audience in Network Marketing

What is your target distributor going to look like? As this will help you create content for this group of people.

  1. Think of your ideal distributor, motivated, happy, fun, not a chicken, steps up, focused does not get distracted, teachable, humble, grateful
  2. Sick of their job, looking to have more holidays
  3. Buy a new house
  4. What seminars do they attend, what books do they read

Talking to prospects every day is key in Network marketing

Blogging is a great way to get leads for Network Marketing but do not forget when you get the leads you need to contact and connect with the people. Talking to people is you main revenue producing skill to master and the invite to get someone to listen to your presentation. There is a great book that will help you learn some great skills when talking to people called How to win Friends and Influence people, get it and start to learn those skills on how to talk to people.

This is where your people skills need to be practised and practice and having the right posture. Like in a sales arena you need to be firm and not a chicken as when people try to take advantage of you need to be firm. In network marketing we tend to become like small mice and are tiny in our posture when we talk to prospects about our business. If someone says is this network marketing say yes absolutely.

Be bold stand up for yourself and have posture the Network Marketing industry does billions of dollars in sales so be confident in your approach and not weak. If people are not turning up to your presentations and not watching your presentation video then your posture needs changing.


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