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Today I went to a Business start up show looking to find new ways to create more traffic to my Blog and to meet new contacts and leads for my Gold homebusiness Karatbars International.

This is what I was told by GoUp and what best SEO practices you should implement.

SEO best practices

  • Create content of value to the reader and do not over optimise your key words. Use 2 key words per 100 words as a good guide.
  • Do not copy content all content needs to be original  and at least 400 Characters.
  • Use key words in you Subtitles
  • Get links to other websites that link back to yours but make sure they are well established sites.
  • Blog as often as you can as Google likes new quality content every day would be great if possible
  • Get a guest blogger to write content for your website and you can link to each other.
  • Become an authority in your field of expertise as people will follow a leader.
  • Find good quality websites that is part of your topic or expertise and offer to write them an Article on their website this is very good for back links.
  • There are no shortcuts in getting good ranking, just good consistent quality content and you will be successful
  • Social media buttons is good to have at the end of each post for the reader to share. Plus include your follow buttons for your Twitter and Facebook and G+
  • Place the Google+ Authorship Markup on your posts with your Photo as this brands you as a real person and give you authority and builds trust with people as they can see who they are doing business with.

Extra income working your homebusiness

Gold Bars Karatbars

I am an affiliate for Karatbars who sell Gold in one Gram Portions and anyone can create a Gold savings plan and exchange money for Gold. I have teamed up with a group of Mentors who have helped me step by step create an online presence by implementing the following.

Earn at home with Karatbars

  • Team Sales funnel and Aweber auto responder messages. Team Skype room Support 24/7. Google+ hangout with leaders sharing their knowledge on how to build you business.
  • Team Training website helping you setup your sales page and Aweber.
  • I am looking for people who are looking to be start a homebusiness and be Mentored and trained and to learn how to create leads online.
  • We have a team and community that has grown to 4000 people on the last 4 months and our group is ready to help you succeed to.
  • Karatbars International is a unique on line homebusiness who makes Gold in 1 Gram portions and creates collector cards that can be sold for more than the face value. It’s such an easy concept to understand. All you need to do is ask people if they have heard about Gold and yes will be the answer and ask them if they would like some? Who would not as everyone knows Gold is a good thing.

Example of a Christmas Card

Karatbars Christmas Cards

We are simply exchanging money for Gold into a Gold savings plan

PS: Come and see what Karatbars homebusiness is all about I am looking forward in helping you succeed.

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