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“A website can be more functional without such flashy bells …

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“A website can be more functional without such flashy bells and whistles”. – I’m that’s mentioned in this article. It’s something that I think could be a part of every website owners updating process. Good quick read.

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Expert Techniques to get More Traffic to your website
I like the coupon or discount strategy. I been learning so long that I understand how most sales funnels work; the tech and psychological side of them. A lot of the time normal funnels don’t “sell” me. I’ve found that a lot of the time I won’t buy a OTO or recurring product or service just because it’s usually an emotional decision… BUT, if I buy something and then get an upsale discount or coupon to come back later; I’d most likely purchase if I need it after I’ve thought about. Your target market for coupons would be everybody but covers the “thinkers” like me. A coupon is a good way to get me to buy. *thumbs up* Likes, likes, likes!!!

30 Minutes to Another Break Through For Your Online Business
I’m going a bit of different direction with this comment. It’s what stood out to me the most from the first part of the vid.. When he panned the camera to the lounge area, he had a Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible on the table (I’m almost certain that was his bible and not the standard hotel gidians bible. I find this interesting! Possibly faith, spirituality and Home Business go together pretty well. Building networks (culture or society even) can be simple and probably complicated at times, but I think to build a healthy network one may “have” to employ faith and spirituality in their own lives and to the lives of the individuals which that one is mentoring. It’s humbling to follow someone and submit to looking up to them, even when you think you know it all! LOL… -. David, I have a few steps to take to work with you guys still but I’ve already learned (and relearned) some things by following you so closely over the past month or so. It’s refreshing. Faith and spirituality in internet marketing and home business; work from home. It’s probably a lot easier to connect with people by having a spiritual side.

Home based Business and how persistence pays off
I agree. A mentor can help one keep balanced on those stepping stones to success. Some people have to start by getting a real mentor. Maybe that’s where I am, starting over (kinda) to overcome that learning curve! I use to have a lot of “work from home fresh start s” when I first started learning. Nows a good time to have a real fresh start!..

Home based Business and how persistence pays off
One of the things that stands out most to me is that a couple of those keywords “seem” negative but are actually positive when understanding, knowledge & wisdom are applied. Failure is the trial & error process. I don’t think one successful person has never NOT had some failure. I have had many failures, but thank God for the success I have had that has kept me going. This is an awesome set of keywords though, lot of good things to think about & rethink.