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Visit to Karatbars Head Office Friday 23 August 2019

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Karatbars Head Office Tour

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I am very excited to share my visit to Karatbars International with you.  My Swedish business partner mentioned a couple of months ago that it would be a great idea to visit Karatbars Head Office and get a tour of their operations and to meet Harold Seiz as well as the Management team.

I contacted my sponsor to see the best way to book in a meeting at Karatbars Head Office.  I was given an email address to book in the meeting and in the next few days the meeting was confirmed and I booked my flights and Hotel to Stuttgart, Germany.  The same for Mikael.

Thursday 22 August 2019

We met at Stuttgart Airport on the Thursday afternoon giving us time to chat and prepare our questions so that we were ready for the scheduled meeting with Karatbars on the Friday at 10 am.

We got our taxi to the Hotel Dormero. It took about 10 minutes and we were welcomed by the reception staff who were very friendly and surprised us by telling us our rooms had been upgraded.  What a great start to our adventure.

We went for a quick beer in an Irish Pub that was situated in the Hotel and as hungry as well we decided to go in search of a restaurant that was near to the Hotel.

We walked for a bit and came across a Casino and inquired if they had a restaurant inside. They said there was and within minutes, Mikael and I were seated in the restaurant chatting while waiting for our order to arrive. We had some great traditional Germany Schnitzel which was very tasty.

After we had finished with our meal, we then decided to try our luck on one of the Roulette and Blackjack tables, for some fun. We only played a few games and went back to our hotel with about winnings of €50.

Friday 23 August 2019

We met at 8:15 am, enjoying fresh coffee and a great breakfast.

Having breakfast with Mikael before our Karatbars Meeting

Gold and Crypto

We walked to Karatbars Head Office, making use of Google Maps, to find our way there.  It was a 30 minute walk, with amazing weather.

We have arrived at Karatbars International Head Office


What an amazing feeling.

We were warmly welcomed by Thomas Valet, Communications Director, whom we had a great talk with about Karatbars, the products and the future.

Many things are happening at present to get our whole Gold Standard Eco System to work together.  Here are some of the exciting developments.

  • K1 Impulse Smartphones expect delivery in the next 6 – 8 weeks
  • CEMs (Cash Gold Exchange Machine) expected delivery in 5 weeks
  • Amsterdam Karatnet launch 15 September 2019
  • New technology products to be launched
  • Karatbars predict 20,000 Millionaire’s in the next 2 years – are you going to be one?

We then met up with Markus Bratschko, Karatbars Sales Director, who gave us great tips on how to build our Karatbars business faster.

  • Success likes speed and that goes for your Karatbars business
  • Have a burst of energy when you get started to create some momentum.
  • Invite people to see the opportunity
  • Phone calls are very important to share the opportunity with others (use your K-Booster system to get your links and information out there fast. K-Booster can be your system to manage your contacts and prospects)
  • Build event to event (getting your team to the next event, will be a life changing experience)
  • Invite prospects to live weekly events and get them to listen to live webinars
  • Keep your team plugged in with information
  • There is confidence in our 2 coins: KBC and KCB, so acquire more coins (the road map is set for 1 Gram Gold = 1 GSC in the next 5 years) – what is your goal and how many coins will you have?
  • 90% of your time should be spent on creating new business and 10% on planning and administration

Mikael Next to CEM

Mikael, next to one of the CEM (Cash Gold Exchange Machines), where you will be able to exchange your BUNV into Cash Gold.

You can exchange your 100 KBC into 10 BUNV (Bonus Univals) = 1 gr of Cash Gold.

Through your Karatbit account, you print out your QR Code and using the CEM it allows you to withdraw your 1 Gram of Cash Gold.
Karatbars CEM

Meeting Harold Seiz, CEO of Karatbars International with, Mikael

Harold Seiz

 When you have reached the Gold Director Level, your name is place on the Karatbars Gold Brick Wall for Affiliates.


Back at the Hotel after our visit to the Karatbars Head Office. We are excited to share this amazing business with others.


Mikael and I enjoying a beer after our amazing visit to the Karatbars Head Office.


Very happy with my Cash Gold I withdraw from the CEM.

Cash Gold

Are you saving in Gold and accumulating Gold Assets? I sure am.

cash Gold

Thank you for reading my Newsletter on our visit to the Karatbars Head office.

We had fun and are so happy and grateful to have an opportunity to share Karatbars with you.

All the information is based on my opinion not Karatbars International.

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Thank you

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