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Ways To Invest In Gold

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Ways To Invest In Gold with Karatbars International

ways to invest in gold

Karatbars Gold Bars

Gold has increasingly become a popular investment opportunity over the past few years since its prices have been soaring and investors are increasingly becoming suspicious of the politics playing in powerful governments.

Now many people that invest in gold are doing so and are using gold as a hedge against inflation. Inflation happens when Federal Reserve goes ahead and prints too much money. There are investors that trade in gold just to keep on the safe side should the financial system collapse as gold holds its value.

As gold prices continue to soar, many more investors are jumping in to grab a piece of the pie. However, there is still no guarantee that gold will continue to appreciate in value. If however you are looking into gold and silver prices, I have a solution where you can purchase 1 Gram of Gold at a time with Karatbars International and is a great way to invest in gold and affordable for the masses.


Owning Physical Gold

different ways to invest in gold

Karatbars Gold Crads

One of the most common ways to trade in gold is by buying and owning physical gold that is either in bar form or inform of gold coins. The United States mint and many more countries mints mint investment grade coins.

The mint gold coins are mostly made in 1 ounce rounds which is a process that makes it quite easy in keeping track of the coin’s value. Owning physical gold is a great way to secure your finacial future. But buying in 1 ounce weights is sometimes too expensive for an investor. There are different ways to invest in gold with a company called Karatbars who are base in Germany and started trading in 2011. They give individuals the ability to purchase 1 gram Karatbars which makes it affordable for anyone to buy and possess Gold and create wealth which is a good feeling.

You will also need to store the gold after buying it and store it in a secure place and Karatbars offers free storage as an option.


Purchasing Gold ETF

Another rather popular way of investing in gold is through buying Gold ETF. This is a common and quite popular interest that surfaced a few years back thanks to investor demands of easy and smooth ways of owning gold.

Gold bullion ETF tracks prices of 1 ounce of gold. However, you will own a share of the ETF and not really the gold itself. This process has seen transaction efforts go low and transaction process has been eased. But in the event that a financial crisis occurs, you will only own the share, this is not as secure as owning the real gold as with Karatbars.

Owning Gold Mining Companies

You can also buy your own gold mining company as opposed to buying the gold on its own. This is an option if you have lots of money  to invest. On the other hand, investing in a gold mining company will see you earning a dividend and profit from the price appreciation.

Owning a gold mining company is an appealing option since mining company stocks will always rise as much as the prices of the gold are rising. But this option will be out of reach for most first time investers and this is why I would prefer to invest in 1 Gram portions and reduce the risk of high investments but the choise is yours.


Gold Bullion

gold and silver prices

Karatbars gold and silver

Gold bullion is a financial insurance form. The bullion should not be regarded to as investment but rather a form of insurance against the purchasing power erosion that is resulted from the declining dollar.

If you wish to try making more money on investment opportunities, gold bullion may be the ticket you always wanted. But first of all, think about what your ultimate goals are. There are several people who plan for long term goals and there are those that want to gamble on accumulating wealth over time.

NB: Gold bullion is in essence the ultimate store of value and wealth protection. There is no day when gold value has even gone down to zero. Investing in Gold could end up being the most important and critical insurance policy you’ve ever bought!

I have a solution for you come and join us on a journey of a lifetime with Karatbars International.







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