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What is the Secret of Success

What is the Secret of Success

The secret of success

The secret of success


Hello my name is David Ingham and I am an affiliate for a company called Karatbars International.


I get asked this question from my team. “What is the Secret of Success?”


The secret of success comes from your thoughts,

good thoughts produces good fruits and bad thoughts produce bad fruits.

So plant good thoughts into your garden of your mind – As a Man Thinketh- James Allen


Secret of my Success – Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind

I am going to give you your answer to your question. “What is the Secret of Success?”

The secret of your success lies with your thoughts and your thoughts determine your actions.

So if you want to create success in your life you need to lift up your thoughts to prosperity and abundance.

You need to take responsibility to reprogram your subconscious mind.


Secrets of Successful People

What is the Secret of Success


Secret of your success is created by reading and studying personal development daily.

Create your own personal development plan.

Purchase the audio and book As a Man Thinketh.

Listen to the audio and read the book for at least 3 hours per/day every day.


You will be tapping into the power of the secrets of successful people and what is the secret of success.


The Secret law of attraction

If you cannot do 3 hours per/day then do what you can.

But remember the more you read and study your personal development material.

The quicker your will manifest what your desire in your life.


This will start the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind.

You will start to plant seeds of happiness, love, abundance, prosperity, peace and humility into your mind.

Calmness is power - James Allen


The Secret of My Success

What is the Secret of Success


This will influence you actions to achieve your purpose of your dominating thoughts.

Keep happy positive thoughts in your mind

and if you get some negative thoughts coming up.

You can say cancel; cancel which will take those thoughts out of your mind.


The more you plant good fruits into your garden of your mind.

The more you will attract the good into your life.

Repetition, repetition is the mother of all skill.


Secret to Success in Life

What is the Secret of Success


The more you listen to uplifting personal development material every day.

The quicker you will create abundance and prosperity into your life.

Be totally immersed into your reprogramming and personal development.

This will create rapid results of manifesting what your desire.


These principles are very powerful and will answer the question. “What is the Secret of Success?”


Now you have all the secrets of successful people and you can start

your own reprogramming of your subconscious mind today.


To your success and abundance,


creating success



David Ingham


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  1. To be in Great Britain, when all around the globe, trips to London or England are coveted by the world, to visit the foundations of todays Empires, as antiquated as it is, and to live there and smell the green green grass and gardens, is a success by chance! But have an income derived, while living in Great Britain, that comes from the four corners of the earth, and is based upon saving the oldest antiquated rarest commodity is a success that cannot be topped anywhere in the earth. You are so fortunate, hey don’t get to comfy I’m pushing my way up the q! But I will enjoy the company!

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    • Hey Pay yes I feel blessed to be partners and part of the Karatbars Family and to have a Gold savings plan.

      My passion is to bless as many people I can with the Karatbars opportunity and help them start
      a Gold savings plan and create abundance and prosperity in their lives.

      Here is a great quote from the book As a Man Thinketh -James Allen

      To put away aimlessness and weakness and to begin to think with purpose.

      Is to enter the ranks of those strong ones who recognise failure, only as one of the pathways to attainment.
      Who make all conditions serve them and who think strongly, attempt fearlessly and accomplish masterfully.

      If you did nothing else but only got this into your subconscious mind you will be operating
      at an entirely different level this is so huge and so important.

      Live On of purpose think on purpose

      Coral Thomas – As a Man Thinketh

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