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Work From Home Mums and an Online Business

The transition back to the employment schedule at the office for new mums has not always been an experience to write home about. The constant need to be near their new babies keeps working mums from giving their job the full attention it requires. The pile of extra chores awaiting you after work does not make the experience any easier to bear. It can become overwhelming trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.

And definitely, trying to juggle full time employment, household chores and motherhood duties can be financially, emotionally and physically draining. One begins to wonder how come a day has such few hours, within which it almost becomes impossible to squeeze in everything that needs to get done within the 24 hours.

On Line Work and Working from Home

Home businessAdditionally, the possibility of finding other jobs that give you more flexibility in time and work schedule do not come around that easily, and it can become a nightmare trying to become everything to everyone. However, you do not need to break your back trying to do everything and succeeding in little or nothing at all! You can take advantage of the readily available options. One of the most brilliant solutions has been provided by technology today; and it allows everyone who chooses to, to work from home mums, the youth, the disabled, practically anybody.

The convenience of this mode of working allows you the luxury of working from the comfort of your own home. It enables you to avoid the many inconveniences that come with the need to work from an office like being stuck in traffic, paying for transport to work and having other unnecessary delays. Most of the people in employment can also gain extra residual income from taking up work online, especially when they are able to get home early.

For the mums who may decide to work from home, a variety of options in jobs are available and one can choose to do what they are passionate about. This will be a positive factor to keep them going and not result to getting frustrated especially in the seasons when business is low. Some of the jobs mums can take up at home include;

Some On line and Work Options for you

  • Offering daycare services- A new mother or one with young children can offer to provide daycare services for neighbors, friends, relatives and colleagues at her home. This allows her to extend her care and love to the children whose parents aren’t always available to provide the much needed care during the day. This will ensure that the mother still gets to ‘work from home’ and enjoy being near her children in order to provide the much needed care as they grow.
  • Online businessOnline working is another convenient way to earn from the comfort of one’s home. A variety of jobs are on offer online from which one can choose from, and they include copy writing, editing, proofreading and typing. All these and others can be done at home as one takes care of her children. Online business gives you the peace of mind to work freely without stifling schedules and gives you the flexibility in time to attend to your children.
  • Tutoring – One can choose to offer timed tutoring sessions from the comfort of their home. This way of earning and income allows the mum to watch over her children at home and generate an income comfortably within the walls of her home.
  • Culinary business – Baking, cooking and preparing other delicacies can be a good home business that can generate income for mums at home.


These are just some of the few ideas that one can explore as they seek to work from home. So go on mum! Join the band wagon and grow your business within the comfort of your home.


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