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Xfactor Winner Sam Bailey and Work from home Career

Sam Bailey Sam Bailey

Work from home and New Year Possibilities for you

This brings me to the winner of the Xfactor this year Sam Bailey, WOW what a story of dreams coming true :) A mother and wife working for the prison service now her whole life will change. Just like it was for Leona Lewis when she won the Xfactor in December 2006 and today she has a very successful career and her life has totally changed for the better. Even have a look at Olly Murs who was on the Xfactor and see how well his career is flourishing.

 Sam Bailey’s Xfactor Audition

Dreams can come true

So dreams do can come true just do not give up, give it one more shot and you too can be successful in what you do just find your passion and you will succeed.


Sam Bailey mentioned that she enjoys her work as a prison officer and met people in prison who changed their lives around and become responsible citizens. Created a new life for then selves, so all is not lost and people can do great things and change for the better and create better lives for themselves and their families. This was heart warming to hear that Sam has a big compassion about people and how they feel. This will help her singing career as it’s not just about her, it’s about helping others as well. Sam will go far and will do well where ever she goes, well done and I feel very proud. I believe her family will have a great future to embrace and enjoy.

Create an Internet Income

Work from Home Mums

Work from Home Mums

Today think about it everything is online Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Online Maps, searching on Google and buying goods most of us use the Internet everyday on our smart phones and especially the new Generation Y who talk via social media everything has changed. Same with Sam Bailey winning the Xfactor most of her music can be downloaded in seconds and incomes are generated. This has change the income generating opportunities for all of us who what to create an Internet Income.


I remember clearly when Sam did her audition and to see when she started on her journey from going through boot camp to judges houses and then to live shows. Her confidence grew from week to week and her whole aurora and appearance changed like a ray of sunshine.

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Dreams can Come True

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey


This gives us all hope that anything is possible if you believe and start your journey, just find your passion and go for it.


Sam now will be very busy with interviews book deals, singing arrangements and chat shows everyone will what to speak to her. To find out what the secret ingredient is to her success and what advice she can give to others out there. So they can do the same and make their dreams a reality. Sam can give a lot of hope to people who just need a little encouragement. And say well if Sam can go for her dreams then I can to. So what are you waiting for get out there now and start your journey.



Starting your Own Homebusiness

It’s getting close to the New Year and I am excited about helping people and realise their dreams. I believe a have a gift for you. I write a Blog called Work From home Career helping people to get started in a Homebased Business and create an Internet Income online.



Scott, Lourence and Alby my mentors

Are you in a Homebusiness at present but you are not happy with your income, support and looking for a change in the New Year and create an on line business? Then you come to the right place I have teamed up with successfully mentors that have over 20 years experience online and they are ready to help you get started.


Internet Incomes is the way of the future giving families the possibility to work from home and create internet incomes and spend more quality time with their families. You can travel around the world and meet new business contacts and build relationships with people. Now that is exciting are you ready to get started in your Homebusiness then let’s do it together.



There is a huge market place to sell your products and services to and you can create your own digital products that your customers can just download and you get paid instantly. The opportunities are endless but what will I choose as there are thousands of opportunities out there and who can I trust and team up with?


Well that is why I have created this blog post as I am here to help you mentor you until your success. Internet Incomes can be fun and can be run around your day job until you reach a level where you can go full time making money online and from the comfort from your own home.


So if you what the New Year to start with a bang you have come to the right place come and join us on a journey of a lifetime







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